Metsätila is a liv­ing arts cen­ter in Someen­järvi, South­ern Savo­nia, Finland.

The living art center Metsätila is inSomeenjärvi, South Savonia, Finland. It’s base is on a farm owned by Jyrki Väisänen. He formed the association Mäki, pelto ja metsä ry, aim­ing to bring together South Savon­ian folk cul­ture and inter­na­tional con­tem­po­rary art.

Kulttuuriyhdistys Mäki, pelto ja metsä ry (Culture Association Hill, Field and Forest) was founded Autumn 2014. The objective of the association is to enrich the cultural life of the Someenjärvi region by organizing cultural events and bringing international artists to the rural area. In Summer 2015 the association organized Yövesi Festival by the Astuvansalmi rock painting panel.

On the farmland is the forest Veeranrinne, which Jyrki wants to turn into an open air gallery. With our project Strings Attached Society, we will invite the first art settlers into the untouched forest.

In today’s social structure, especially in rural areas, centralisation and corporal management has led to many people needing to travel long distances to reach necessary services such as banks, postal services and groceries. Another effect of this is that the job of the ‘Freelancer’ can be dispersed around a vast area. Take for example the music teacher who is teaching part time in four towns in the same communal area. The apparent downside of this is long travelling hours between workplaces and home. However, there are other effects that can have interesting effect on the communal societies. By his/her involvement, the travelling teacher affects each town’s culture and thus enriches the area with fresh input.

By inviting international artists to visit (or enter) South Savonian folk culture, Metsätila’s goal is both to enrichen the local culture, as well as inspiring the visiting artists.



in Veeranrinne

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