Veeranrinne 2017

Veraanrinne Forest

Veeranrinne is a small forest (12 hectares) in the care of Metsätila, and is set to become an open Air Exhibition space.

With our experiment in Veeranrinne, we will be able to build up a society that is completely organic, where the infrastructure is formed around the natural elements of the forest, in relation with the needs and skills of every individual participant in the Strings Attached Society.

Participants of Strings Attached Society will live in the forest and build up their own habitat: The forest will offer accommodation and workspace, as well as a source of material and inspiration. Each participant will claim their plot of land to settle into and have effect on. The habitat will as well serve as an exhibition space.


For the two weeks in June, participants from various fields will form temporary art settlements in Veeranrinne. They will work on their own projects, while curators will map out formed networks within or between settlements. The networks will be materialised and made tangible with coloured cotton strings. Participants might as well use the strings as material within their projects. A materialised network will have aesthetic impact on the forest, but will also serve as guidelines for further development of the forest gallery.

Center node

In the forest of Veeranrinne, we will decide upon a centerpoint for the project, which will act as a threshold between the forest and the ‘real world’. It will serve as  a communal area for the residency, an area where participants will have a place to talk and eat, share information and have meetings. 

There we will raise a camp, and build a Kota, a temporary dwelling used by the Sami people in Northern Scandinavia. While the Kota is a temporary construction, we will have a more permanent input on the communal point with building an outdoor brick stove in order to make fire and prepare meals for temporary residents.



In every society, certain tasks need to be done in order to fulfill basic needs. In Strings Attached Societies we will welcome a variety of people with a wide field of interests and skills. Along with the invited artists, we will call for participation from local carpenters, cooks, storytellers and other artisans in the area.


In the settlement workshop in June 2016, participants will live and work in the forest for two weeks. They will bring suitable equipment for outdoor living, while food will be taken care of by Metsatila

The art settlements will become temporary exhibition areas, that will be open for visitors during the summer.



in Veeranrinne

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