Everything made in the world has a reference. Our actions are made through connections. Being connected with oneself, your surroundings or other places, makes the essence of being. In Strings Attached Society, those connections are materialised through strings, forming a visual network of vibrating information.

Through this materialization it will be possible to look at and research the effects of communication within a society and see how much we build our lives around that communication.

Different people with various skills will be invited to join the network, to form a creative society where physics and visibilities of the connections will affect how participants perceive the materialised network.

The platform is open, and results will vary by how the participants will enter the project. The project will be constantly changing shape, building up and collapsing, evolving with ongoing activities, forming an artistic network in the forest.

People might join each other to form a collaboration, or small ‘hermit’ projects could be formed as well. The area is vast, so everyone will be able to take as much space as they need. Time will then tell if the societies will be small and many, or a few bigger ones.

Strings will not only form the connections that will be within the small societies, but also serve as paths to connect those different places. Participants and guests will be able to follow those strings, and therefore a path will be formed by following those paths. 

The network that builds up during the settlement will be mapped out and documented by the curators. That information can then be used for further development of Veeranrinne forest as an exhibition area. Instead of entering a predefined space for creative activity, the first settlers have the unique chance to enter the forest and participate in organic development of the area as an art venue.

The Strings Attached Society will form an artistic settlement project seen as the first step of realising an exhibition area in the forest of Veeranrinne, Finland, in the summer of 2017.

in Veeranrinne